Fall Conference

Fall conFERENCE:

Faith Made Real: Living the 8th Principle

October 12-16 2022

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This conference was a deep dive into the work of the 8th Principle, grounded in Civil Rights History and included a visit to the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

We had a great team of presenters and worship leaders. Our presenters were Dr. Paula Cole Jones and  Sheila Schuh. Rev. Denise Graves was our Spiritual Care Director, supporting our members through the conference. Beverly Horton and the Rev. Chris Long lead our worship services.

watch sheila & Paula talk about the conference

The conference content supported Religious Educators in their individual and congregational anti-racism and anti-oppression work. We engaged with strategies to dismantle white supremacy within our Unitarian Universalist spaces, and where our power lies to create a Unitarian Universalism where faith can be made real.

Religious Educators who are Black, Indigenous, and other members of the Global Majority were affirmed into a LREDA community of support, encouragement, and learning. 

White Religious Educators were challenged and stretched in their places of power and privilege.

Intentional space was made for people of all identities to process the feelings that arose during this conference. 

The LREDA Board committed to offering a conference that centers liberation, love and community care rooted in our Unitarian Universalist faith.

Courtney McKenny - LREDA Board Member at Large - Continental Events

Mx Katharine Childs - Fall Con Planning Chair and President Elect

Eleanor Van Deusen - LREDA Conference Planning team

Community Agreement Information and Process

Please read the Community Agreement Information and Process Document below, and refer to it if you have any conference concerns

Our Presenters & Worship Leaders

Dr Paula Cole Jones - Presenter

Paula is a life-long Unitarian Universalist and a Management Consultant with over twenty years of experience in designing and facilitating workshops and dialogues for leaders and organizations. 

 She is an innovator of institutional change. In 1999, Paula founded ADORE, A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity. Her work includes being a leader in advancing the 8th Principle and the Community of Communities as practices of the Beloved Community. 

 Paula is the author of a UU World Magazine cover story, Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline. She is also the editor of a Skinner House book, Encounters: Poems about Race, Ethnicity and Identity and a contributing author to three Skinner House books, including the UUA Common Read, Justice on Earth. 

 Recently, she was recognized with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School.

Sheila Schuh - Presenter

Sheila Schuh, CRE-ML, is the Director of Religious Education at First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, and has served our UU faith for 19 years. 

She has authored Jubilee Kids, Junior Youth Jubilee, Who's Who in UU History, UU Family Circle, JUST Communication and many other curricula and trainings including local adult offerings on Race, Racism, and Relationships. 

She was the 2018 Gould Lecturer, “UU Sniffing Salts,” and has won awards for intergenerational worship and writing. 

Within LREDA, Sheila has held a number of roles which currently include being a mentor and Good Officer. Sheila’s professional priorities are inclusion, communication, building restorative systems, and supporting parents in their roles as spiritual guides. 

To relax, she loves to run outside, play volleyball, dance, climb trees, x-country ski, and spend time with her three children and partner, Ed!

Rev Denise Graves - Spiritual Care Director

Rev. Denise L. Graves of Peace Ministry LLC, is a Spiritual Intersectional Cultural Leader, facilitating and demonstrating our uniquely porous relationship with our spirit, values, principles, and cosmic connections. 

As an intercultural community pastor, meditator, and mediator, Denise inspires and guides people through challenges, breakthroughs, and meaning-making life changes. 

Denise serves as Chaplin, transition companion, and ancestor honoring “recognitiant.” 

Denise is Co-leading processes to assist with racial trauma and its consistent triggers for those attending the LREDA conference 2022.

Our Worship leaders:

Beverly Horton

Beverly Horton has been a Unitarian Universalist for 22 years and a member of the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton for nearly as long.

She has been active in the leadership at her congregation most squarely focused on music ministry and has extended that leadership to the broader denominational context, serving as the co-chair of the Nominating Committee for AUUMM (the Association of UU Music Ministries) and co-chair of the Dismantling Racism Study Group of the Canadian Unitarian Council.

Delivering sermons and crafting services for UU congregations, speaking at the Hamilton branch of the UU United Nations Organization, and facilitating workshops at CUC conferences and gatherings, Beverly actively advocates for our individual and collective commitment to dismantling racism and achieving racial justice made manifest in the Beloved Community.

Rev Chris Long

The Rev. Chris Long was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and became a Unitarian Universalist in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Within five years of becoming a Unitarian Universalist, through his lived, denominational and professional achievements, he was called to ministry, and graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry (Berkeley, CA) in May 2009.

He has most recently been the Minister of Pastoral Care and Programming at the Community Church of New York City (Unitarian Universalist).

Additionally, he has co-created and served as West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church’s first Justice Minister in Rocky River, OH. He is currently the Minister of Congregational Life at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, LA).

About the Legacy Museum

This year the conference included a visit to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL on Thursday 13th October.

The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is situated on a site in Montgomery where Black people were forced to labor in bondage. Blocks from one of the most prominent slave auction spaces in America, the Legacy Museum is steps away from the rail station where tens of thousands of Black people were trafficked during the 19th century.

About the lreda fall conference

Our Fall Conference generally occurs in the fall with over three days of special programming, including a keynote speaker, worship, a variety of workshops, and special interest meetings, Good Officer training, and the latest resources- all with the goal of educating, networking, and connecting religious educators from across the continent.  Your ideas for future themes and names of speakers can be emailed to Eleanor at  continentalevents@lreda.org ,  and they will be considered by the Board and the Fall Con Planning Team.  Click on any of the hashtags below to view resources & videos from past Fall Cons.

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