Jenga Blocks for deep sharing, courtesy of Joy Berry 

All our Committees are composed of volunteers.  If you are a LREDA member and interested in serving on a committee, please let us know by contacting Juliet or one of the volunteers listed under the particular committee

Click here for our expense reimbursement form.    

Please use this form when you write your committee report to the Board.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating committee consists of five members with staggered three-year terms, elected by the membership.  They work independently of the Board to fill Board vacancies, assessing needs and various criteria in the nominating process.  Additionally, they help to fill committee positions by asking for and referring names to the Vice President of the Board. Contact them at   

Jenga blocks by Joy Berry

21st Century Committee

Liaison is Treasurer.  This committee is currently inactive and being restructured.

Finance Committee

Liaison is Treasurer. This committee is currently being restructured.

Photo courtesy of Linnea Nelson. Fall Conference 2019