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Wrought Faith by Joy Berry (The Fahs Collaborative & Meadville Lombard)

Advertising on the LREDA Website

We post religious education employment opportunities free of charge as a service to LREDA members.  To post a job on our site, please fill out this form.  We only post employment opportunities for congregations and denominations that share our values.

form to advertise a position on the lreda website

Purchasing a one-time email of our Members

Congregations may also purchase a one-time email contact for $80 by first filling out this form then pressing one of the buttons below.  Please note that we send the email ourselves; we do not share our members' information.

Purchase a one-time email contact of our members using a debit or credit cardPurchase a one-time email contact of our members using paypal 

NOTE:  These listings do not imply any recommendation or endorsement on the part of the LREDA Board.  We strongly encourage congregations to use UUA fair Compensation Guidelines when hiring a religious educator and to ensure they have an adequate Professional Expense Allowance to be successful in their role.

Photo courtesy of Helen Cassara, UU Church of Tallahassee