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Membership is open to all who support our Vision & Mission

Benefits of Membership:

Membership in LREDA offers many benefits. As a member you have access to:

New Member Application Form:

Use this form to apply for Membership in LREDA:

Existing Member Update Form:

Existing members can use this form to update their details, such as a change of role, address or email:

Membership Details:

Membership entails the acceptance of and agreement to abide by the Association's By-laws and Code of Professional Practices. See the descriptions and pricing below and join today. We look forward to another great year working together!

Our membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Members should pay their dues by Dec 31st to retain their membership.  New members paying after March 1st will have their membership rolled forward into the next year.

Canadian members should pay the same amount in CAD $ without adjusting for currency differences. So, for example, to pay the full active rate please pay CAD$220.

Important Note: If you are unsure if you've paid your current year's dues, please check with Juliet first before using the buttons below, as we now pay the processing fees on duplicate dues that need to be refunded.

Dues for 2023-24:

LREDA members voted at the annual meeting in June to increase dues as follows:

We also simplified our membership categories by removing the reduced rate options for the Student / New and Supportive / Institutional categories. 

We welcome suggested donations from Life Members of $40 and Friends $25.

If your professional expenses are at the recommended rate* by the UUA and CUC and you are able to donate more, we encourage you to support LREDA by paying 10% of your professional expenses as dues.

*The recommended professional expense allowance is the greater of $5000 (prorated for part time) or 10% of salary.

Reduced or Waived dues:

Please don't let a lack of funds prevent you from joining or renewing your membership.

We recognize that the increases above may not have been budgeted for or may cause hardship, so the LREDA Board has set aside money in our CARES fund to support its members with either reduced or waived dues. Request a dues waiver or a reduced rate, by emailing Juliet at

Lots of ways to pay your dues:

Pay with Aplos:

You can also use this button to pay Chapter Dues for the NEL, MDD, PSWD, PNWD , SE, Heartland, & SW Chapters. To do this select "+ Purpose" 

If you're having a problem with the payment process not completing, try using a different browser (Chrome is a good option) or device. Alternatively use one of the other options below.

Pay with a Check:

To pay by check, write the member's name in the memo line and mail it to: 

LREDA, 284 Hartford Ave, #1002, Bellingham, MA 02019.

If you need an invoice or have a question about your membership, please contact Juliet

Pay with PayPal:

Pay with Venmo:

LREDA can now accept payments using Venmo. Use @LREDA-org. Look for the LREDA flame to ensure you have the correct link. If you use this option,  email Juliet at to let her know. 

Pay with Zeffy:

You can now also pay using Zeffy, a new platform that doesn't charge card processing fees for non-profits. This option only allows you to pay specific amounts ($220, $150, $120 & $65)

membership categories

Active Voting Members are

A) Currently employed or actively seeking employment in one of the following categories: 

1) Religious Educators who have completed at least three years in a paid position within a UU congregation or have completed at least five Renaissance modules, or are Credentialed at any level by the UUA.

2) Ministers who have been in fellowship with the UUA for three years.

3) Youth Directors, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Professionals who have completed at least three years in a paid position with a UU congregation or UU affiliated organization or have completed at least five Renaissance modules.

4) Professors, researchers and educators serving in an academic setting who have earned an advanced degree in religious education or a related field e.g. religious studies, theology, or education.

5) Liberal religious educators in non-UU traditions who are in positions equivalent to any of the above.

B) Persons actively involved in UU religious education, where such involvement may be deemed equivalent to employment.

Active voting members have full rights and privileges.

Student / New Members are

  1. Employed as directors or coordinators of religious education, as youth directors or young adult or campus ministry professionals and have completed less than three years in a paid position within a UU congregation or with a UU affiliated organization and have completed less than five Renaissance modules.
  2. Preparing for careers in professional religious leadership in theological schools.

Student/New members can attend and speak at LREDA meetings, and serve on committees; but may not vote or serve as LREDA Board members or committee chairpersons.

Student / New members cannot act as delegates at General Assembly

To apply for Life Membership, email Juliet 

Institutional Members 

Organizations or institutions that wish to support the work of LREDA and benefit from its mailings.

Institutional members may not vote and cannot act as delegates at General Assembly

Supportive Members 

Individuals who wish to support the work of LREDA and benefit from its resources and programs.

Supportive members can attend and speak at LREDA meetings and serve on committees; but may not vote or serve as LREDA Board members or committee chairpersons. 

Supportive members cannot act as delegates at General Assembly

Life Membership

is granted to anyone who has been an Active LREDA member for more than ten years, is at least sixty-two, retired and is a current LREDA member at the time Life Membership is granted.

Life Membership is also granted to all Angus MacLean Award winners.

Life Members retain full rights, privileges and responsibilities until they resign their membership.

Life members do not need to pay dues, but we appreciate any donations.


Anyone interested in supporting our work may become a friend of LREDA and receive LREDA emails and newsletters

This category doesn't have access to the Facebook private group or Member Resources Portal.