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Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

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Celebrate, Develop, and Support

Mission Statement:

We are here to Celebrate, Develop, and Support Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators within the Pacific Northwest District.

Pacific Northwest (PNWD) Chapter includes congregations in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

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pay chapter dues now for 2023-24

Note: To join a Chapter you must first be a member of LREDA. 


We have a scaled dues structure, which recognizes the difference in financial means and professional budgets of religious educators working part- or full-time and a difference between new and longtime or credentialed religious educators. This helps to maintain equity and accessibility to the chapter for all, while also keeping our organization financially healthy and allowing us to continue our work.

Professional expenses for a religious educator should be about 10% of salary. Dues are calculated to be approximately 3% of your professional expenses. If your professional expenses aren't at the suggested level, or if your funds have already been budgeted for this year, please pay what seems appropriate for you. For our Canadian colleagues, please calculate your amount in US dollars then enter that in the custom amount field.

Pay Dues Here:

If you'd like to pay by check, mail it to: Liberal Religious Educators Association, 284 Hartford Ave, #1002, Bellingham, MA, 02019. Please make the check out to LREDA and write the name of the Religious Educator and PNWD Dues  in the memo section.

PNWD Mentor Program

Our mentor program is arranged by our Board Vice President, Amy Brock. Mentors are frequently requested by those who are newer in their position or are facing a particular challenge or new direction and would like extra support. If you have a need for a mentor, regardless if you are new or have been serving your congregation for a while, please fill out the Mentee Application Form and Amy will get in touch.

If you have been a religious educator for a while or have a particular skill you could share, we would be delighted if you would apply to be a mentor by filling in the Mentor Application Form. If you have any questions about the mentor program, please email Amy at

PNWD Chapter leadership:

Cluster Info:

In our Chapter, we offer 3 opportunities for monthly support and professional development. Any cluster meeting is open to any LREDA Chapter member. 

Current clusters are :

  • Willamette Valley Cluster
  • Puget Sound Cluster
  • Online Cluster

Chapter Expenses:

All expenses must be pre-approved. Use this FORM to claim Chapter expenses for reimbursement.  Once completed email it to the Chapter Treasurer / President for approval.